(I’m hoping if I don’t mention it you won’t notice I haven’t blogged for around 4 years!)


I had a lovely suprise today when the kind and hardworking people at Anti Copying In Design (let’s call them ACID from here on in) tagged me in an instagram post to say that they had just published an interview with me.   Obviously it couldn’t have been that much of a suprise, as I had actually done the interview, but I didn’t know when it would be published and it was a lovely almost end to my day to stop and have a read of it.


I’ve not always been a jewellery designer, but I’ve had a long career in the design sector and so I’m acutely aware of how important the work that ACID do.  Just a short time spent on their website makes you realise how rife Intellectual Property theft is.  Take a look at their Spot The Difference page for stories about this.


I’ve been thinking a lot recently about the words I use to describe my work.  I feel my style has evolved a bit in the last year or so and whilst I don’t feel the need for a rebrand – I think my brand is strong – I would like to up my game a bit around the way I describe my style.  I quite like their phrase;


“Factory Floor Jewels represents a fusion of tradition and modernity”


The lovely people at ACID have said some very nice things about my jewellery and the inspiration behind it.   Today was one of those days that I randomly missed my Dad (he died 20 years ago, those days just happen sometimes, if you know you know) and as he was really the inspiration behind my brand it feels fitting that today is the day they published this feature.

Have a look at it yourself and let me know what you think after you’ve read their article


To celebrate this feature by ACID I’ve created a flash sale which will run until midnight Sunday 3rd March & offers you 15% off with code ACID15


Thank you for your support