It’s a strange old time isn’t it! Maybe time for my first Jewellery Sale I thought……

I’m not the kind of maker who does a market every weekend; my health doesn’t give me the stamina for that. But there are a few very well curated markets that I’m loyal to and so I do around 6 events a year; mostly in the north west.

I know that lots of my customers at markets come because they know I will be there and I will have new pieces for them to buy.

Also, let’s face it – us makers usually offer a better price at markets – cash is king!

So as well as missing my chats with other makers and seeing some of my favourite customers I’m also missing the income I have lost from my jewellery making – all the shops I sell to are closed and not restocking as fast as they usually do and all the events are postponed or cancelled.

It’s a small price to pay for us all keeping safe I know and to begin with I wasn’t really comfortable promoting jewellery as it didn’t feel like an essential item for people to spend their money on when they were feeling uncertain about their future income.  But it is my small business and it is just as vulnerable as many others right now and I have lost a huge contributor to our household income, so I have realised that some people may want to buy to support me, or may need to buy gifts for others at this time to make their lockdown days special or to celebrate a socially distanced birthday.

So during May I will be updating all the product photos and prices on my website and as I complete a batch they will join my jewellery sale at market prices for a few days each


Thank you for your support