Well the Christmas order season is well underway and there are lots and lots of pieces to make – has been going well, but have got home at 3am two nights running! Possibly a little too old for it all….

The new workshop is fantastic – quite lifechanging – and its just as well, as I’ve had a quite a lot of retail orders as well as bespoke commissions to get on with.

It’s also about to be a really busy Christmas Fair season, so there is lots of stock to make…..

The last few nights have been fun – a trip to the Liverpool Playhouse’s 100th birthday (both myself & hubby used to work there) ended in meeting up with a mate and his new woman and dancing the night away in Magnet (an old haunt that has just re-opened – used to go dancing there 10 years ago, which is a long time ago in stamina terms!)

Last night was an old friend’s 50th and it turned into an amazing musical jam session, with the fabulous Chris Layhe getting up to play both bass & guitar and sing – haven’t seen him or Lyn for about 12 years, but felt like yesterday

Strolling home through our glorious Sefton Park at 3am was a bit of a treat, and Steve is cooking Spanish brunch, so must get on – having Led Zep on loud should help me focus 🙂