Yellow Geometric Pendant (SSF)


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  • Simple & fun

  • A really easy way to add a pop of colour to any outfit

  • Perfect gift for anyone – including yourself!

  • P&P included

A wonderfully dramatic pendant and yet, still very light to wear

This is a vintage Meccano component hung on a steel snake chain (18″).

My early work included a lot of vintage Meccano – which was made in Liverpool (sadly no longer the case)


SUPER SECONDS FESTIVAL:  This item is a one of a kind and is on sale as it doesn’t fit so well with my main collections. It is made from reclaimed boys toys and as such the surface does show some elements of love and attention.  I choose not to repair or retouch this as I think the story is important, but I only use pieces that are not too badly scratched.  Please note it is not exactly the same shade of yellow as the earrings I have also listed that are vintage Meccano)