Steel Circles Lariat


Available on back-order

  • A simple steel pendant

  • The perfect gift

  • Gentle silver/grey of steel complements all skin and hair tones

  • Co-ordinating earrings available

  • Sold in a branded box

This stunning steel lariat is part of a new collection called H5O (in honour of the 50th birthday of my friend Helen).

Two delicate steel rings (30mm and 20mm) on a 79cm steel snake chain and are worn by passing the smaller circle through the larger one.  The lariat design has become a constant in the Factory Floor Jewels collections; everyone wears them differently and makes them their own.  You can wear the larger circle higher or lower depending on the neckline of the outfit you are pairing it with, you can even wear the smaller circle inside your top.

Steel is such a remarkable material to use for jewellery – it bypasses the ‘last thing to put on and first thing to take off’ rule as it is not easily affected by the chemicals of day to day life.  You can wear it to play sports and then jump in the shwer and your daily lotions and potions won’t affect it’s subtle silver/grey tones.

Pair this with the new H5O earrings for a co-ordinated look.

This unique steel lariat will be delivered in a grey linen effect box with Factory Floor Jewels branding, which makes it a perfect gift for anyone (including yourself!)