SSS Hepworth Pendant – White Oblong


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This unique pendant is part of an experimental range inspired by my trip to the Hepworth Gallery

I’m a bit obsessed with the work of Barbara Hepworth and found the experience of seeing her workshop set up and her maquettes really moving

This piece is white perspex on a 28″ steel chain.

SUPER SECONDS SATURDAY:  This item is perfectly imperfect – I would wear it and I’m sure you would wear it and love it!  It just didn’t pass my strict quality control when I made it but I couldn’t discard it as it’s unique, like you!

This pendant is made specifically for Super Seconds Saturday and is reusing pieces that haven’t gone quite to plan.  Outwardly it’s perfect, however on the back there are glue marks from my original workings.  It won’t spoil it for you to wear it, but it may not work as a gift.


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